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29th March
written by Mad Cow

USA, directed by Grant Baldwin

Mad Cow’s rating: three cowbells

For me, the best thing about this movie is that I didn’t want to kill myself, drenched in guilt and shame, when it was over. The U.S. does indeed waste a lot of food for many reasons and it’s important to know what they are. Grant and his wife vow to eat only food that would have been wasted for 6 months. They buy it or get it from dumpsters or get left-overs from farmers’ markets. They do not eat scraps from people’s plates, but get packaged food and produce that sellers would be throwing away. Amazing, although much of what they got was processed food. We leave knowing some things that we can do, in our homes, and as advocates. For one thing, let’s get corporations and grocers to stop insisting on totally unblemished fruit and vegetables and for heaven’s sake, stop demanding exact curves and dimensions for bananas. Are we all crazy?

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