About Mad Cow

written by Mad Cow

Mad Cow Movie Reviews are feminist ruminations on the movies.

“Cow” is a derogatory term for women in England, not as severe as the b word, and used directly to close friends and relatives (”Don’t be such a cow!”) or in describing others (”What a cow!”) I reclaim the term to mean a woman who produces some discomfort in others. “Mad” can mean angry or crazy. Madcow is a an unfortunate disease and I apologize to real cows everywhere for borrowing this term. I have every hope that this site, now concentrating on the movies, will be a place for feminist contemplation of the movies.

The word feminism and feminist film reviews is much harder to elucidate. Does a feminist review expect all movies to be totally feminist and thus criticize from that standpoint? Should the movie be critiqued according to its assumed point of view and not for its neglect of a different point of view? What about acting, production values, plot, music, cinematography, dialogue, casting? I consider myself a deeply-felt feminist reviewer, but I do not entirely expect movies to make a perfect world or to critique the world from a politically correct standpoint. Watch this space!

About me: My name is Dorothy Miller. I have taught women’s studies for many years and consider myself a feminist activist and writer. I’ve been going to the movies and enjoying movies as long as I can remember. Alas, I’m probably a “middle-brow,” eschewing films that are longer than 4 hours long. I love “art films,” promote women’s participation at all levels in the movie business, and stay up almost all night to watch movie awards. Based in Cleveland, one of my favorite events is the Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF).

Comments and conversations about my reviews, as well as recommendations for movies to see or to review, are welcome.