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23rd March
written by Mad Cow

Sweden, Norway, directed by Ronnie Sandahl

Mad cow’s rating: cowbells4

American audiences may find this movie a little slow as European filmmakers, this one no exception, tend to use more facial expression and movements to convey plot and emotion. Characters actually think on screen. If you find yourself on be impatient, hold on, it’s worth it. I intend to follow feminist artist Bianca Kronlof, who is spectacular as Dino. All of the performances are right on and the editing is perfect.

Dino, a young woman, has migrated, along with thousands of Swedes fleeing unemployment, to Oslo Norway. The trashy way in which the Swedes are treated was news to me. A recovering alcoholic, Dino does day labor until she gets a job as a nanny for two girls, one little and one a young teen. Their mother is away in Africa. Soon dad Steffen and Dino are having an affair. Big yawn, right? Wrong. This film is very suspenseful and full of surprises, showing us that people are complicated and we can’t always know what they will do.

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