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27th March
written by Mad Cow

USA, directed by Wade Gasque

Mad Cow’s rating: cowbells4

The theme of what siblings do after a parent dies is ubiquitous in plays and films, and they can be as different as families are different. We can learn a lot from them, about life and ourselves. This film involves two gay brothers brought up by a single father. One, Chet, stayed in their small, remote California town to help his father run his grocery store and the other, Todd, went off as soon as he could to lead a gay life in L.A. The tame dependable one and the wild one have many issues to deal with when Todd comes back home. Mark Strano, who co-produced and co-wrote the script with Wade Gasque, is brilliant as Todd. All of the actors are sterling, the dialogue and photography outstanding. Now, if only lesbian movies like this could get funded!


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