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21st March
written by Mad Cow

USA, directed by Jeffrey Schwarz

Mad Cow’s rating: cowbells4

1950’s heartthrob Tab Hunter, now in his 80s, has led a full life. Watching this movie makes one wonder how he became (remained?) so extrodinarily good and level-headed. A romantic photogenic icon, he had to hide his sexuality in order to have a career. His mother raised him and his brother, his parents having separated after his father abused his mother. She later suffered a breakdown and he had to commit her.

In his own words Hunter recounts his life and many people who know him fill in the blanks of how he and his career progressed. I, for one, had completely forgotten that he was a singer as well as an actor. It was fun to see him sing “Young Love” once again. A part of his life that I didn’t know about is his affair with Tony Perkins. Two beautiful men in love with each other. Seeing all the pictures of Hunter with gorgeous women (Natalie Wood was a frequent date and co-star), I dreamed of a world in which movies pay no attention to gender and just cast people in stories, including love stories. Perkins could have been a frequent co-star as well as date, although in real life they couldn’t really date each other either.

Hunter, who always loved and rode horses, gave up acting “early” and wasn’t sad to relinquish the limelight. He now lives with his horses and his partner (who produced the movie) of 30 years. It was inspirational to discover what a fine man he is and always was.

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