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27th March
written by Mad Cow

USA, directed by Chreyl Furjanic

Mad Cow’s rating: 3 ½ cowbells

Greg Louganis’ vulnerability jumps off the screen. Even though he has been declared the best diver of all time, with some of his records unbeaten, he’s had a lonely life of sorts. Training as a diver, he had two wonderful coaches who appreciated him as a person and his amazing talent of course. The movie is replete with stunning shots of his dives. But even early on, people on teams he was on didn’t want to share a room on the road with the [suspected] “gay guy.] He never got his picture on a Wheaties box because he didn’t fit a certain “profile.” Mary Lou Retton did. And all of this was before his being gay and HIV-positive was widely known. He’s had a hard time with scammers and at least one lover who robbed him. The movie, somewhat mysteriously, omits long periods of his life. Today he is “back on board,” mentoring young divers, and he recently married Johnny Chaillot, with the marriage story exclusively covered by People magazine.

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